What Are the Best Disease-Fighting Foods?

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As I doctor, I recommend eating a diet full of fruit and vegetables to keep you health. But today, I'm talking about foods that not help you lose weight but also hold the power to turn back the clock. I'm revealing my top anti-aging super foods in a game called Match that food. Alright, here to play our best idea and deal.

Now, you're going to have 15 seconds to match the body part condition to the healing food. We all on this? Ready to match? Alright, take it away. Take it take it, go, go, okay wait a minute. I probably match take it away, put it down, put it down, put it down. Okay. Times up, times up, stop.

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. Now, did they matchup, they don't agree on everything, they have some matches. Here is the question. Are there any correct answers on here? Alright, so computer, did they get any right at all? Yes, we have some matches here. We'll go through this one by one we are going to figure out who wins the match.

They gets most right they get the grand prize. Question number one, pumpkin seeds what are they good for? What turns out, pumpkin seed it is good for blood pressurewhat? Blood pressure. The reason to how the hell to make it out of them. Alright, Adelle zero points. Number two, what are eggs good for? Who said hair? I said hair.

Why do say hair? I don't know because the old southern ways we put eggs in our hair. Yes, that's so, like a conditioner. Yes, well you know what? You're right. You're right. We did it. Now, here's the deal. This is important actually eggs have iron in them, and this is a wonderful way of getting it.

Eggs also have Biotin in them, they have B 12 in them, these are important vitamins that help strengthen your hair. So, absolutely the red point here. So, [xx] take the early lead. Pomegranates, what are pomegranates good for? Anybody out there? Skin. Skin, they both get it right. 2-1.

Oatmeal, what's oatmeal good for everybody? Cholesterol. Cholesterol. Cholesterol. Cholesterol. I was going to say that Dr. Oz. I was going to say that. I was going to say that. And then what happened? But I got distracted because it was like the air in hair so. I was. Well, what I love about oatmeal is that its got soluble fiber in it.

Soluble fiber sucks the bad cholesterol draw with it but it's actually the best way to go naturally into your cholesterol. Okay, comes down the last point here. Black current, what are they good for? They are good for vision, and I was when his great weight in enhancing your immunity but also gives nutrients at the back of your eyes at that time you can see them more effectively.

Is that a full or that below? They are [xx], there's a fruit, so the winner is Dale. What he did? Go get the basketball. Of all this goodness you can show them what [xx] you want, if she wants. Thank you so much. Thank you very much.