What Are "Superfoods" That Can Help Me Lose Weight?

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There are super foods that can actually help you lose weight. So I've come up with a game to help you figure out what they are based on an old favorite of mine it's time to play family food. I have a special mic, so I'm going to introduce the Henry family, Karen, Beverly, Diane, and Jane.

How are you. They're ready to battle, and the Butch family Anita, Johnathan, Jasmine and Adele. Now, you guys great to play. Yes. Now we've got to fight over who gets control of the first question they have a volunteer for each family, guys ready? we're ready.Shake hands please, currently it may be a fair fight.

Are you ready? We are ready.Okay. The first question question is, name one of the foods that has the most fiber in it. Yes, talk about it now, talk about it as a team. I need an answer quickly, I need an answer. Oatmeal She says oat mill. All right is it oatmeal? 35 points. Come join your family.

Jonathan. Walnuts. Walnuts, is it walnuts? Jonathan, only one person said it right. Talk to the women in the Jonathan. I know. Jasmine, one of the four foods that's most fibre friendly, what do you think? Whole grain bread. What do you guys think. Is it whole grain bread? Oh 43. Name another fibre rich foodFlax seed,How many think flax seed is right.

Is it flax seed. All right. So, brilliant performance, 90 points. Now, they used to hold it down here didn't they, it's up to the Henry family, alright, are you ready? I'm ready. I need to know which of the foods behind me is one of the top four metabolism boosting foods? Chilly peppers.

Chilly peppers? Let's find out, is it chilly peppers? The number one choice. Are you guys nervous at all? No.So, I need another one of the metabolism boosting foods? Green tea. She says green tea, I don't know. What do you guys think? Absolutely, yes. All right, is it green tea? Yes! All right, now pressure is on you, Jennifer.

Grape fruit. She says grape fruit, this could be the telling moment. Is grape food up there. All the tension is killing me, oh I can barely stand it. I need to hear your answer about metabolism boosting food. Water. Water, she picks water. Is water up there? Oh my goodness! It's a tie. All right, I need to have one member of each family back up at the podium again.

Number two in the family area, one more member, who would have thought, okay. Are you ready? Yes. For all the marbles completely tied the family's the Henry's and the Butch's. I eat this super food everyday and sometimes I call them brain berries. Yes. Blue berries. Yes, blue berries wins again.

Very well done, very Well done and you know what, your price is to take yourselves the whole family to the restaurant that my family love to eat at in the city Candle 79. The food there will keep you alive a long long time. A big thank you to the Butch's family and the Henry families and for all the information on our game and all the answers, visit our website doctoroz.com.

We'll be right back.