How Noshing on Berries Can Improve Your Brain Health

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Hi, I'm young Dr. Mike Roizen. Here's a food you should never feel guilty about binging on berries, there's a reason they are a supper fruit. The vitamins, minerals, fibre and protective plant nutrients jam packed into sweet juicy red black or blue berries do your body good. If you can't buy your favorite berries fresh, don't hesitate to fill in with frozen, frozen berries give you as many nutrients as fresh, either way here's what they can do for you, they can guard your memory berries owe their rich hues to anthocyanin, plant nutrients that scarf up free radicals and prevent the kind of DNA damage that can lead to memory dysfunction.

Bring down your blood pressure, just four ounces of mixed berries a day for eight weeks brings down a high blood pressure seven points on the top side. Heal your heart, strawberries help lower your lousy LDL cholesterol, many berries even boost the healthy HDL cholesterol and several fight inflammation too, send cancer packing.

Researchers have found that snacking on freeze dried black raspberries increases the enzyme that detoxifies carcinogens in 30 or more percent of people a high risk resa fogel cancer. For more ways to nourish your health and to stay younger with berries or other things, check out all of our smart tips.