Serve Yourself to Eat Less

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Dr. Miller here with a diet secret to help you eat less for success. Do you typically go back for seconds, or do you take all the food you plan to eat on the first trip? Well, your preference matters to your weight. According to Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating, you'll consume about 40% fewer calories if you take everything you're going to eat on the first pass instead of taking less and going back for more. Yeap, your plate, something you use everyday maybe one of the best weight loss aids around, especially if you use it wisely. The key here is to serve yourself before you eat, dull out appetizers, meals, and even snacks on a plate before you take your first bite, that way you'll be less likely to end up mindlessly eating more than you meant to, by putting all the food you're going to eat on your plate at one you'll be able to really see what you're eating, instead of sampling while you serve and then eating the whole plate full as well.

Also with every meal put the food away after everyone's been served to reduce the temptation of going back for more, it'll be yours and everyone's weight to favor. Watch all our smart tips right here.