Retrain Your Tongue to Love Vegetables

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. Not a fan of vegetables? Research suggests there may be a way to train your tongue to love them. Works on kids, maybe it could work for you. It's all about repeat exposure. In a study of elementary school students the more kids were exposed to the taste of vegetables they disliked, the more they learned to enjoy them.

Though it's a study with kids other research suggests that the approach can work for adults too. Just like kids, adults tend to experience something called food neophobia. A dislike for the taste of foods that are new. The idea is that once the new foods become familiar through repeated exposure it starts to taste pretty good.

To retrain your taste buds, try adding one nutritive vegetables to your menu each week. Before you know it, you could be having a culinary love affair with broccoli. Watch all our smart tips for more smart ways to boost your nutrition, and your health.