Resist Junk Food Temptation With a Quick Squeeze

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Hey, Dr. Oz here, with a simple tip to help boost your will power, and to avoid temptation, and next time you find yourself in front of a box of doughnuts in the office break room, here is a little trick to help yourself say, no thanks. Just make a fist and squeeze, sounds goofy, I know, but there's scientific evidence that the small gesture strengthens your willpower.

In one study squeezing muscles at the moment of decision prompted people to make healthier snack choices. Volunteers were asked to is either a loose or a tight pain grip as they filled out surveys while standing in line at a snack bar. People that had a firm grip tended to make healthier choices, but there was a catch catch, the squeezing effect only worked when people already intended to choose a healthy snack.

In other words if people wanted to make a healthy choice, squeezing gave them a little extra boost of will power to do it, but if they had their hearts set on junk they ate junk. So set healthy intentions and use a little little muscle to help you keep them. For more ways to stay well check out all of our smart health tips right here.