Replacing Meat With Beans May Prevent Weight Gain

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What protein can you eat for calories that don't count? The answer is beans. One study showed, that big meat eaters can then gain almost an extra pound a yea, but a diet with the same number calories just less meat, won't cause a same weight gain. Now it's not clear exactly why, but the data suggests, it's not simply about calories.

The waist widening effects of meat are likely to do with the fat in the meat, but it's one more tasty reason to make plant based foods your main source protein. Beans are super smart substitute, because they're ultra low in fat and calories, but higher in protein and protein fiber. The really great deal is that if you eat bean as meat substitute, you're likely to consume a lot of few calories of the meat, bean equivalent.

You'll have to eat more than two cups of kidney beans, that's more than a jumbo 15-ounce can, gives the same amount of calories as in a steak. So hold the meat, and bake with beans the next time you make a lasagne, tacos, or protein pack salad, another tasty smart tip to help keep you healthy and young, for me,

Dr. Oz.