Paint Your Plate With Colorful Produce

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You want to eat right, but you're not sure how to get something tasty and nutritious on your plate? Sound familiar? Hi, I'm Dr. Oz, and here's a smart tip to get the best of both worlds, the science behind a healthy delicious meal is pretty simple. Just paint your plate the color of the rainbow, with an extra focus on green, green foods can include everything from broccoli and lettuce to green peppers and added chops, these foods are packed with anti-inflammation and anti- cancer nutrients.

Red foods and veggies can range from water melon and pink grape fruits to tomatoes which are rich in cancer fighting licopines and don't forget about the strawberries, raspberries, and red grapes. These foods all lower inflammation and protect the heart and brain. Orange or yellow fruits and veggies contain carotenoids, which can slush the risk of muscle degeneration and heart problems, and finally blue and purple fruits like blue berries, raisins, and plums are load with Anthocyanins that protect the brain, heart, and cells.

When you eat by color you'll lower your blood pressure, bust LDL Cholesterol and maintain a healthy way. I'm Dr. Oz, for more tasty ways to nourish your good health check out all of our smart tips right here.