Imagine Yourself Eating Healthier

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Hi I'm Dr. Oz with a simple way to improve your diet. If you want to eat healthier, just picture yourself doing this, eating healthier. As with many other things in life, it may all boil down to mind over matter. In one study college students were asked, they started go of eating more fruits for a week, but one group of students was instructed to do two additional things.

First they were asked to write a step by step plan of how, why and where they buy more fruit, then they were asked to mentally picture themselves carrying out that plan. Those who ate little fruit to begin with, and who vividly pictured themselves carrying out their plan, gnawshed up the most cruel. Researchers aren't exactly sure why a concrete plan coupled with mental imaging work so well, but other self improvement study shows similar results. So whether your goal is to eat more fruits, walk a few miles or lose a few pounds spend time visualising yourself putting your plan into action.

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