How to Enjoy a Healthy Diet on a Tight Budget

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Think you need to spend the fortune to eat good for your food? Not true, I am Dr. Oz. There are lots of ways to eat a healthy diet without emptying your wallet. Try these simple strategies, save money, lose weight and boost your health. First, plan meals around plant groups, you are going to save money by giving beans and vegetables starting roles at meal times and focusing on fruits for sweet treats.

Second, shop for super foods that come at bargain prices, canned salmon is wild and it runs about 50 cents per serving. Protein packed dark meat chicken is about 75 cents per serving, but don't forget to remove the skin first. Other healthy foods that cost less than a dollar per serving with oat meals, canned and dry beans, eggs and canned tuna. Third be choosy about the produce, local in season produce is right for taste and costs less then buy peaches in November or call in the cab in February. Finally don't shop hungry, and don't use your debit card, make sure that you make 30% pure unhealthy impulse buys at the grocers store you shop after a meal and you pay with cash. I'm Dr. Oz, for more great ways to nourish your good health, watch all of our smart tips right here.