Hold the Potato Chips and Soft Drinks

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Hi, I'm Doctor Miller with a tip to help you shed pounds effortlessly. The basic blue print of a healthy living is simple, eat less junk food, stay active, get a good night sleep, drink alcohol only in moderation, and don't smoke, but scientists now suspect that when it comes to junk food some snacks are worse than others.

In a recent study researchers tracked more than 100, 000 Americans over two decades to see who gained the most weight and which foods they ate. They found that regularly indulging in potatoes especially potato chips and sugar sweeten drinks was most associated with an expanding waist line. The researchers aren't sure if the chips and sweet drinks cause the weight gains it could be that the study purchased lots of other high calorie junk foods on their grocery cards, but it's clear these two items probably weren't doing them any favors, and cutting these two offenders out of your diet will help you shed excess pounds.

This is just one more trick to add to your weight loss bag of tips. For other great ways to watch your weight check out all our health smarts right here.