Get More Antioxidants With Purple Carrots

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Hi, Dr. Oz here with a tasty tip that starts with a test question. What color carrots have the most health benefits? I can hear you saying orange of course. Well, that's incorrect. Today's carrots come in a rainbow of colors, there are yellow, red, and white varieties in addition to good old orange carrots, but the color that's best of all for you is, drum roll please, purple.

Research shows that bite for bite, purple carrots have 10 times more antioxidant phenols than other varieties. Phenols are super powerful anti oxidants that help fight diseases, and slow down aging, and they're in onions, and apples, and tea, as well as in carrots. The darkest use of any vegetable or fruits had to be the ones with the most polyphenols.

However, orange carrots do have more Beta-carotene, a vitamin that also helps fight aging by protecting cells against oxidation damage. So, the key here, to maximize anti-aging, mix up the color of your carrots by packing in the purple, and watch more of my Health Smarts right here, right now to grow young.