Eating Healthy Fats and Fiber Can Cut How Much You Eat

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. Trying to lose weight? Here are some simple tricks to tailor meals that help you slim down without even trying. Make your first bite a healthy fat. Healthy fat slow digestion and trigger a feeling of fullness. Try a couple of bites of avocado, almond butter spread on celery or twelve walnut halves 25 minutes before you eat.

It's a tasty way to eat less and curb calories. Add fiber to your meal. Fiber from whole grains, fruits and vegetables fills you up and takes a long time to digest that keeps you satisfied longer. And eat slowly. Spend 30 minutes eating your meal. You'll eat less and feel fuller, a great combo. Eat frequent small meals.

People who eat more often are thinner than people who don't. So graze four to six times a day, and drink plenty of water with your meals too. It also helps slow down digestion, so you'll eat less and still feel satisfied. Want more ways to live better? Watch all of our health smarts, right here.