4 Ways to Prevent Sugar Cravings

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Hi, I'm Dr. Mike Roizen with a helpful tip if you have a sweet tooth, some people call themselves sugar addicts and it's true. Sugar seems to latch on to the pleasure centers in the brain and there's a biological answer for some people's craving for sweets since the body requires sugar as fuel, we may all be hard wired to crave it and that craving grows when you're tired, stressed or overly hungry or when your blood sugar.

There are four tips to keep your cravings under control. Eat regularly and eat enough. Skipping meals can send you on a sugar hunt because you crave that quick energy that sugar burns. Munch on complex carbohydrates, fruit, veggies and whole grain can sugar too but the sugar is absorbed slowly and steadily because they are mixed with the fiber, so you don't get that sugar crush afterwards.

Reduce stress, focus on that slow deep breathing that expands your lungs and pushes your belly button out. Do it a few times a day, chew sugar free mint gum. Chewing gum scuffles cravings and that scent of pepper mint really boosts your energy. Try these four strategies to get your sugar cravings under control.

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