What's a Healthy Snack to Satisfy My Sugar Craving?

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So I was surprised by this, but I was actually everybody with their snacks where they wanted crispy, crunchy, Salisbury, salty, you are the sweet person. Yeah I love like if you give me a cupcake I'm your new best friend, town cake, anything I just want to cut cake now. Okay, now, that's it, that's it, it's not about frosting.

I'm going lawyer mine with this one, I want to kill off any little sweet cravings, I've got a no base chewy chocolate tropical. This things are absolutely fabulous. You blend a half a cup of dais with some tomato cup, you mix them up add a little bit of cocoa to it. You have these little balls so you take them out of the blender after you have blended them up chop them up and you make these little balls quite easy to make then I'm sorry I don't know but I have been a little extracted towards magabe it's still a little bit sticky gives it a little bit of punch that you want.

You take these troupes balls you deep then in unsweetened coconut. And this is important to it, this is important because these four troupes I'm going to give to you today they have less than 200 calories on. You have four toples which is plenty for a snack. All these snacks that we're talking about today follow that same rule.

All right. Now, you can taste that one that you made or any of these that you wish. Okay, I'm going to taste all of them and they seem different. Okay, you know what I'll give to share with your friends. Let's see what you think about this. This is really good. It's good isn't it? Oh this is really good.

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Okay. That one is yours. Thank you so much. [xx] best diet to your weight loss, this thing's working this day.