How to Skip TV-Inspired Food Cravings

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller here with an easy way to switch off food cravings. Just press the mute button on your TV remote any time a commercial comes on. Studies suggests that TV shows loaded with food advertisement could be a recipe for gaining weight. In a recent study of kids, researchers checked the TV watching habit and weights of 0-12 year old in 1997, and then again five years later.

The more TV commercials the kids saw the heavier they tended it to be. Even if the kids watch lots of television their weight tended to be healthier if their shows were light on commercials like public television programming. The TV weight connection holds true for grownups too. Other research has shown that adult eat larger quantities of snack foods after watching food ads on TV.

Researchers suspect that pictures of pizza, sodas, burgers and cookies prime the brain for thoughtless eating. If muting the sound isn't enough to keep your mind off the munchies, turning the TV off might be a better plan, or record your shows and fast forward through the commercials. For more ways to watch your weight, check out all our smart tips right here.