Cut Calories With This Smart Snacking Strategy

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Hi I'm Dr. Miller with a quick tip for keeping your weight loss on track. A box of plastic sandwich bags maybe all you need to easily shave 120 calories from each day. In a recent study people whose snacks came prepackaged in low calories portion ate about 120 fewer calories each day compared with folks who munch from larger packages. More and more research shows that when people are presented with large servings of food they just don't know when to say when.

Larger the serving size the more people tend to eat. Some will eat an overloaded plate or a jumbo snack bag even though they feel satisfied with a smaller portion. When you make an effort to eat less and slim down remember that it really starts with your serving spoon, not your dinner folk. You can put these finding into action by creating your own snack packs of nuts, pretzels or popcorn.

Just make sure you make small serving sizes and keep it at about 100 calories per bag, so watch more smart weight loss tips right here.