Curb the Munchies With This Water-Filled Food

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller, and if you have ever left a barbecue unable to button the top of your shorts, this tip is for you. There's an easy way to avoid plowing through whole tables of chips and dips while waiting for the burgers to come off the grill. Choose water filled fruit for your first nibble like slices of juicy ripe cantaloupe.

Eating foods with high water content tend to be even more filling thea shagging water with your meal. Cantaloupe fresh is 90% water, which means it's a wonderful paradox for the calorie conscious. It makes you feel really full when it's in your stomach, but it's low in calorie, an entire large cantaloupe has only 277 calories. So what's in that other 10%?

Loads of good stuff like blood pressure friendly Potassium and cancer fighting Beta-Carotene. Fresh cantaloupe with a pick of ripeness is pretty hard to beat it's sweet treat. Indulge in a slice or two and you may find this is a lot easier to stick to just one bugger when they come off the grill. Watch more videos with smart eating tips right here.