Change Your Habits to Beat Stress Eating

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. Do stress make you reach for cookies, candy and other junk food? It sure can, but new research suggests cultivating healthy habits may help short circuit the temptation to eat junk food when you're stressed out. A recent study finds that during times of stress we tend to fall back on our default habits of healthy and unhealthy, in the study, students undergoing midterm exam were offered healthy snacks like fruit, yogurt and nuts, and junk food including candy and cookie. Turns out during the peak stress of exam week, they fell back on their habits, healthy snackers chose healthy snacks, while junk foodiers typically grabbed a cookie or candy, that's because daily habits are really powerful especially during stressful times. When you are stressed out, it's just easy to fall back on your default habits, so if you want to make smarter choices when you're stressed out, invest time now to make healthy eating your daily habit then when the pressure is on you'll be more likely to reach for a handful of nuts and pass on the potato chips.

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