A Smoothie That Won't Add Belly Fat

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I'm Dr. Mike Roizen. What healthy drink,? Well, what I really mean is what's supposedly healthy drink may have more sugar than a Snickers bar, and more calories than a glazed doughnut. That smoothie you grabbed for an afternoon energy lift. Yeap, just because there's fruit in the smoothie doesn't mean it's healthy.

When you belly up to the juice bar, here's how to keep your waistline in check. One, customize your order, hold the special boosters and extra flavorings. Choose fat free, and sugar free plain yogurt. Two, go for the light option, some bars make it easy for you. At some juice bars, you only have to say, make it a skinny!

Three, check out the online nutrition information in advance, knowing the calorie tab makes that indulgent peanut butter chocolate treat a lot less tempting. And four, share it, you really need all of 20-ounces, ask for an extra cup and split it with your child, or the person at the next queue, that's it. Four steps for a smarter snack.

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