Calamari Recipe

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Okay, now let's make this Anti-Cancer food there are six ingredients to this I'm purpose, but just to give some diversity you spoke earlier, but calamari how most of you enjoy their calamari. I believe we're going to start with olive oil but we're not going to fry with it but that's the first one with are going to use, right? We going to heat that up, heat that up in the pan and then actually has some garlic, chopped garlic.

And then squid. Again calamari we told you it is a cancer fighter. We're going to put that inside the saute pan. So, the one thing about squid, it's one of the easy sea foods to actually prepare at home. Healthiest way we talked about is [xx], here's a little tip. When you're buying squid in a supermarket in the fish section, ask for the pre-cleaned kind of squid.

So, all the stuff is taken off, and all you have to do is cut it up into rings. Cooks super fast less than two minutes in a hot pan with some oil. I love idea, alright. And I got [xx] to put it over a regular bed, a regular of course is a big time cancer fighter, it makes an [xx] bed for the our [xx] squid, so why did you pick a regular? So, a regular leafy green do much except is got to do good staffs innit in this case is called comfrol inquisitine[sp?].

And here is the thing, a study of 470, 000 people show that eating a cup and a half of a lugra everyday reduces the risk of lung cancer by 15%.These numbers you've mentioned are humongous. Well, you know the amazing thing is that these are numbers that are studied in public health and epidemiology studies.

They're not associated with drugs, and these are choices that doctors don't make but that people and normal healthy people do, and patients as well. Very clever to have this well organized in a way that people can access it. That's our fourth ingredient. We taught you how to zest a second ago with a $10 instrument the lemon juice and zest with lemon.

Add some lemon juice to it, so they are just fair and they are genuine, get yourself juice squeezed little bit down in there. We going to you put a little lemon zest a little lemon zest on top of it, add some zing to the food to add some flavor, and how about some paisley? Paisley [xx] good for ovarian and breast cancer.

Now, we just put six ingredients in here, a little off the taste by the way of pepper if you want, this whole dish probably takes five minutes to make. That's right. It's about as strong as a tool as you can use to beat off cancer. So, make sense to you all? Can you all make this at home? Yes.

Save yourself money, save yourself time and live longer it's a pretty good trade-off, six [xx] on a plane, you can find this recipe on and an anti cancer grocery list is on the web as well, please print that up, take it to the shot on it when you go out. Definitely, thank you very much.