To Lose Weight, Use Smart Timing for Your Meals

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Trying to lose a few pounds. When you eat could be as important as what you eat. I am Dr. Oz. A new large scale study finds that timing, at least when it comes to your largest meal of the day, plays an important role in weight loss. Researchers found overweight dieters undergoing a 20 week weight loss program.

They focused on when the dieters had lunch, which was their biggest meal of the day. Dieters were classified as early eaters who had lunch anytime before 3 pm or late eaters who had lunch after 3. The dieters consumed and expanded the exact same total calories. The late eaters lost significantly less weight, and at a slower rate of weight loss than the folks who favored an early lunch. The late eaters also tended to consume fewer calories at breakfast than did early eaters, or they skipped breakfast entirely. So you want to lose some weight, enjoy your biggest meal early in the day, and don't skip breakfast.

I'm Dr. Oz. For more ways to slim down, watch all of our smart tips, right here.