To Lose Weight, Treat Your Appetite to a Boring Menu

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Hi, Dr. Oz here with a simple health tip help you control your appetite. Variety maybe the spice of life, but it's not so great for weight control, instead repeat your meals, call it school cafeteria syndrome, but it really works as a natural appetite suppressing effect that comes from restricting your food choices. In one study, researchers fed volunteers the same mac and cheese dish everyday for five days and who doesn't love mac and cheese? Well by the fifth day, the volunteers didn't love it so much and they ate a lot less of it in fact they consumed almost 23% fewer calories by day five.

This is an example of what psychologists call habituation. Familiriarity makes up food less alluring so you eat less, now I don't recommend that you eat mac and cheese everyday but repeating a healthy daily option for breakfast for lunch may help you over eat less. Looking for more ways to live healthier, check out all of our smart tips right here.