Slim Down With Low-Fat Milk

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Hi, Dr. Oz with a slimming secret for you. Did you know there's one simple switch you can make in your cereal or coffee cup that could mean better appetite control? It's all about pouring low fat instead of full fat milk. A recent study has shown that palmitic acid is a type of saturated fat found in full fat dairy products, may cause our brain to ignore the I'm full signals.

Palmitic acid makes up about 60% of the saturated fat that we eat, which is another reason to avoid saturated fat as much as possible, because when the body gets a hold of palmitic acid, bad things happen. Just minutes after ingesting palmitic acid, your body begins to ignore satiety signals, the I'm full hormones like insulin and leptin are reduced to a mere whisper, so our cells simply ignore their time to stop eating message and they keep going, so choose 2% reduced fat milk whenever you can.

Your appetite and your hips will thank you. That's my health tip for the day, watch more right here on Dr. Oz.