Potatoes Can Be a Smart Carb and Help You Lose Weight

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Hi, Dr. Robin Miller here with a surprising way for you to loose weight. Here is a starchy satisfying food that can stay on your menu, potato. In one study of over weight people everyone went on a calorie control diet, but half the volunteers ate a serving of potatoes almost everyday, 12 weeks later the potato eaters had lost roughly the same amount of weight as the potato abstainers about 3 pounds.

Bottom line when it comes to weight loose, your overall diet is more important than including or excluding any single food, instead aim for a diet that's balanced high in fiber nutrients an focus on helpful fact and potatoes can be a super menu choice, one medium baked potato with the skin serves up 4 grams of fiber, 90 milligram of Potassium and a healthy dose of Vitamin C offer just a 160 calories, tap your tato with corn, black bean and [xx] crank up the flavor and nutrition without adding tones of extra fats and calories.

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