How to Stop Weekend Weight Gain

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Hi, Dr. Roizen here. Have you ever been a victim of the weekend effect? You know, those extra pounds that suddenly appear on Monday morning and take weeks to loose, but it's not just the extra glass of wine or occasional dessert that's creating those love handles. On weekends, you're probably eating way more calories.

One study found that dieters consistently gained weight on the weekends while loosing weight during the week, because they ate more on weekends. When you're kicking back a few more chips and a second slice of pizza, seem OK, because you were good all week. You may also eat out more on weekends, and many restaurant's single portion are big enough to feed a family, or at least two, or three.

So here's my action plan for the weekends, one, don't drop your guard on Friday night and pick it again on Monday morning. Two, walk more, do cardio more. Three, keep a food diary, writing down everything you eat, especially on the weekends will help you enjoy that glass of wine with no regrets. For more smart ways to watch your weight disappear, check out all of our smart tips, right here.