Eat Whole Grains, Lose 50% More Body Fat

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Dr. Oz here with a simple tip that can help you whittle away your waist. If you're among the 95% of Americans who don't eat enough whole grains, you're missing on a great way to loose weight and belly fat. A new study finds a swapping refined wheat products like white bread, rice, and pasta, for whole grain versions can boost your weight loss by 35%, and help you melt nearly 50% more body fat.

That switch will also improve your cholesterol and your blood pressure to help you reduce your risk of heart disease, and whole grains regulate your blood levels too which helps prevent or manage Type 2 diabetes, and all the fiber in the whole grains will keep you regular. So aim for at least three servings of whole grains a day, making all your grains, whole grain's even better, and what's the serving?

Well, an ounce of dry whole wheat pasta or a slice of whole grain bread. You should also check the label, in order to stay 100% whole wheat, and any grains listed in the ingredients should be whole. For more ways to eat better and live younger, keep watching all of our great health tips.