Eat These Carbs to Lose Belly Fat

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Hi, I'm Doctor Miller with a quick tip for reducing belly fat. Is your problem spot that area right around your belt buckle? Then here are two kinds of healthy carbs you should be eating. Beans and whole grain. In an 18 month study, obese men and women were put on a heart healthy diet with one difference.

One group ate more beans and whole grains. Both groups ended up losing about the same amount of weight, but the people who ate more beans and whole grains lost more belly fat. If you want to get rid of your spare tire, try eating whole grains instead of refined and replace two daily grain servings with a couple of serving of beans like lentil, chick peas or kidney beans.

This creates a low glycemic index diet that's filling satisfying and melts away belly fats with no crunches required. I'm Dr. Robin Miller. Stay tuned and check out more health smarts right here.