Can MSG Affect Your Weight?

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Hi, I'm Barbra Ficarra with your healthy tip of the day. You might have experienced or heard about the bad reactions people have to monosodium glutamate or MSG. Now there's another reason you might want to stay away from MSG, weight gain. MSG is a salt made from glutamic acid, it's used to heighten the taste of sweet and salty foods. Some restaurants add it to everything from salad dressings to stir fry.

MSG is also found in munch meat, and other prepackaged or canned food. In one study of Chinese households, people who use the most MSG in their home cooked meal, were much more likely to be overweight or obese compared to people who didn't use the seasoning at all in a study these weight differences applied regardless of overall calorie taken exercise habits.

Researchers suspect that MSG might mess with Fluoxetine, the hormonr that tells your body, it's full. Another good reason to read food labels carefully. For more ways to stay healthy watch and share all our smart tips right here.