Can Honey Help You Lose Weight?

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Hi, I'm Dr Oz with a quick trick to add to your weight loss arsenal. The type of sweetener you use in your oatmeal and tea could have an impact on your ability to slim down. According to recent research, the effects honey has at apartheid hormones and blood sugar control are more favorable than those of table sugar.

So choosing honey may help prevent weight gain. In the small study, young, normal weight women ate 450 calorie baked good for breakfast, it was made with either honey or with sugar.Then the researchers measured the women's levels of an appetite stimulation hormone called Ghrelin. The hormone level was lower in women who had eaten a honey sweetened baked good.

They also had higher levels of appetite suppressing hormones too which left the women feeling more satisfied. So the next time you need a little touch of sweet, reach for the honey. But remember, a teaspoon has about 21 calories, so enjoy it in moderation. For more smart ways to nourish your health, watch all of our health tips, right here.