Burn More Calories With This Sandwich Choice

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I'm Dr. Oz, with a simple way to burn more calories. Did you know that you could burn more calories just by eating a sandwich? Well it's true. Energy used for digestion accounts for good chunk of your daily calorie burn, and you can boost that burn even higher by choosing whole grain bread over processed ones.

In a recent study researchers found that people's body use significantly more energy digesting sandwiches made of wholesome ingredients compared to sandwiches made with refined ones. In the study sandwiches made of Monte grain bread and real chatter cheese requires twice as much energy for digestion, compared with sandwiches made of white bread and processed cheese.

That energy difference help you despite the fact that both meals contains similar amount of fats and proteins. Researchers think it was the extra fiber in the whole grains, that are a boost to the energy needed for digestion, just be sure you use high fiber 100% whole wheat bread to make your next sandwich a calorie burning one, and get more of quick, and easy health smarts right here.