Burn Belly Fat With Vinegar

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Hi, I'm Barbara Ficarra with a surprising tip about a humble condiment that's probably in your pantry. It's perfect on potatoes, very good on veggies and divine in salad dressing, and the best news yet, it may help with fat burning. The magic condiment in question, vinegar. In a recent study, obese people who took one to two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar daily melted significantly more body fat and belly fat than a group taking a placebo despite being on the same diet and exercise plan.

Vinegar may offer a weight loss boost thanks to acetic acid. It appears that acetic acid blasts fat by inhibiting the body's ability to store fat while boosting its ability to burn it, and even though, apple cider vinegar was the type used in the study, researchers suspect most varieties of liquid seasoning have the same, get skinny affect.

Vinegar also seemed to help lower bad for your heart triglyceride levels and systolic blood pressure at the end of the 12 week study. That's a lot of benefit for one little condiment. I'm Barbara Ficarra. Check out more great nutrition and health tips, right here.