Best Belly-Fat Buster

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz with a quick tip to help you lose that pesky muffin top. Which should you cut back on first if you wanted to trim your belly fat? Is it the carbs? Or the fat? Or you might think that fat goes straight to your middle. A research suggests that too many empty carbs is the first thing to pile on your belly.

In a study, overweight men and women went on [xx] a reduced fat or a reduced carbohydrate diet. When all was said and done, both groups lost weight but the group on the reduced carb diet lost 11% more hip belly fat compared with the group under low fat diet. Losing belly fat is always a good idea for your health.

Too much of that bistro fat, the kind that surrounds your organs, increases your risk for diabetes, for stroke, and for heart disease, but you can make a good start by cutting down on empty carbs like white rice, white bread and white pasta. For more ways to nourish your health, check out all of our smart health tips, right here.