Belly-Flattening Breakfasts

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Hey, Dr. Oz here with a smart health tip to zap your belly fat. Looking to lose that spare tire, well start your day with a high protein breakfast. While you are at it, add some whole grain fiber, maybe a slice of whole wheat bread. That protein fiber combo ships your appetite into neutral, so you can make it through to lunch time without diving into the office candy bowl.

No willpower is needed. Protein is especially important in the morning to help regulate your appetite and avoid snack attacks later in the day. Most adults get plenty of protein, just not in the morning. About half get none, because they skip breakfast, that's another reason why breakfast skippers pack on the pounds. Staying full, not going hungry is the key to successful weight loss.

When you go hungry, your body shifts into starvation mode and starts storing the calories instead of burning them. You're also more likely to give into cravings for a high calorie fatty and sugary snacks. Remember, morning protein and fiber is your secret weight loss weapon. For other simple ways to watch your weight and stay well, watch all of our smart health tips, right here.