A Smarter Stir-Fry to Control Appetite

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Hi, I'm Barbara Ficarra with a smart tip if you're watching your weight. Do you know which food has incredible shrinking power? This secret ingredient not only shrinks how much you want to eat, it shrinks how much you do eat. Meet the colorful and delicious star of your local farmer's market, vegetable.

A recent study found that mixing veggies into plain rice lunch helped people feel fuller for the rest of the day, plus they ate way less at dinner than the folks who had their right straight up, and vegging up the rice got the total calorie count of lunch by more than a 100. It's like an optical illusion,

the bulkiness of the veggies makes the rice plus veggie serving seem extra generous and hearty, and more filling, plus all the fiber in your veggies helps keep you satisfied, so you're less likely to hit up the vending machine later on. For more simple ways to nourish your health, check out all our smart tips, right here.