A Smart Smoothie to Control Appetite

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller, here with a delicious way to trim your waist. Make yourself a fruit and yogurt smoothie, but not just any old smoothie, find a recipe that's packed with fibre and protein. Research shows that this mid morning snack can keep your appetite under control the rest of the day. In one study, participants who had a daily yogurt smoothie with extra protein and fiber, ate smaller lunches and their appetite shrinked by 16%, why?

The protein and fiber combo keeps you satisfied, protein dampens the production of hunger hormones, while fiber slows down digestion, and smoothies aren't the only way to get your protein and fibre fix. Eat green beans with whole grain rice, add nuts and berries to cereals or yogurt, you can also add wheat germ to morning meals for a quick protein and fibre hit. A quarter cup of wheat germs adds about seven grams of protein and almost four grams of fiber, I'm Dr.
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