A Mealtime Trick to Stop Overeating

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Hi, I'm Barbara Ficarra here with a smart tip to put the breaks on overeating. Spend at least 30 minutes enjoying your food. Research shows that scarfing down food reduces levels of key appetite controlling hormones, the ones that normally tell you when it's time to put down that fork. In one study, lucky volunteers were served about 2 and 1/2 scoops of ice cream, twice. On one day, they wolfed down the treat in five minutes or flat, on another day they lingered over the bowl for a full half hour.

Blood test showed that slow eating increased levels of two appetite-lowering chemicals by 25-30% and these satisfaction hormones stayed high for the next two and a half hours. [xx] hormones are released by special cells in your gastrointestinal track. Eating stimulates them but scientist aren't sure why [xx] boost these chemicals and a quick meal stunts them, well, you shouldn't wait for the answer. Make your next meal a leisurely one, you'll enjoy the food more and feel satisfied with less.

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