5 Foods That Boost Weight Loss

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Hi, Dr. Mike Roizen here with a smart tip. If you're trying to lose weight and waist, eating to lose weight and waist isn't just about living on carrot sticks and dry Melba toast, try having these flavor pool and slimming foods to your menu. Salmon, it's rich in the Omega-3 fatty acids that are so healthy. Dieters who eat egg whites for breakfast save off hunger longer which keeps them from eating more the rest of the day.

Peanuts and walnuts are high in fat and calories, but a small daily serving, keeps your waist thinner, just remember, small means 20 dry roasted peanuts, or 12 walnut hats, and make sure you substitute the nuts for high calorie food in your diet. Munch on an apple, it's one of my favorite things, before every meal, and you'll be less likely to clean your dinner plate and someone else's. Creamy Fava beans are loaded with flavanoids.

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