4 Tricks to Eat Less and Feel Full

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller with some tips to help you enjoy your meals without over-stuffing. Snacks or nuts before your meals rich for [xx] peanut or pistachio. These great shelf snacks are loaded with healthy fat that can ease your appetite before you sit down for a big meal. That way you won't stuff your face don't skip the appetizers, nibble on veggies and dig into a green salad.

The healthy fiber and good fats will help you feel fuller, faster and longer. Act like a four-year-old, remember when you throw a feet if your food touch other foods? Help yourself for every delicious dinner dish, but make sure you can see the plate between each food item. Make sure they don't touch, that way you'll taste everything but keep the portions small.

Eat slowly, take small mouthfuls and let the food linger on your tongue while you savor the flavor. For more ways to live healthy watch all our tips right here.