The Best Cooking Oils for Healthy Meals

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Hi, Dr. Kevin Soden here with a cooking tip for you. When it comes to hot healthy oils, you have lots of choices. Some are good for cooking at higher temperatures, because they have what's called a high smoke point, and others, you should only warm gently or use for marinades and salad dressings.

These oils can stand up to high heat cooking, avocado oil, peanut oil, refined canola oil, you can cook with pure and light olive oils which have a higher smoke point than their cousin extra virgin olive oil. Use these for oven roasting or certain veggies, for gently warm dishes, marinades or salad, use extra virgin olive oil, toasted sesame oil, all unrefined oils, not oil like walnut and hazelnut, but you shouldn't over do even good for you oils.

One tablespoon of olive oil for instance has a 110 calories, you can use them for optimum health and satisfaction. For more easy ways to nourish your health watch all our smart tips.