Shed Light on Your Spinach

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Hi, I'm Barbra Ficarra here with a smart tip next time you're at the supermarket. When you buy spinach, should you grab the bagged spinach way deep in the dark shelf, or opt for the clear plastic tub basking in the fluorescent light? Researchers suggest that the well lit tub is the way to go. In a recent study spinach stored in clear plastic tubs under fluorescent lighting actually became more nutrient rich.

Researchers refrigerated spinach under two conditions in total darkness and under fluorescent lighting. After three days levels of lutein, zeaxanthin, folate, vitamin C, E, and K increased in a light-exposed leave, but nutrient levels in the greens that got no light stay the same decrease. Researchers don't fully understand why vitamin and nutrient booms occurred under lit conditions, but it probably helped the photosynthesis process continue.

Nutrient levels increased because nutrients are stored in the chloroplasts where photosynthesis happens. The well-lit greens did wilt faster, so to get the most taste and nutrition from stored bought stuff, use it within a few days. For more ways to boost your health, watch and share all our smart health tips right here.