Reduce HCAs by Adding This Fruit to Your Burger

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Dr. Miller here with a few pointers to help you up your favorite barbecue fair, give your burgers a makeover. This may sound strange but Turk Cherries make for juicier tastier, and more helpful burgers, especially if you're using lean ground turkey or beef. Just mix one third cup of chuck turk cherries into a pond of ground turkey or beef before forming paddies for the grill.

Your burgers will also have less fat, but also produce 90% fewer heterocyclic aromatic amines. Those are carcinogenic byproducts that form during high heat cooking. Serve those paddies on whole wheat burns, top with lots of fresh veggies, lettuces, tomatoes, sliced onions and grilled mushrooms, but skip the cheese, no one needs the extra saturated fat.

A better tasting burger that's healthier too, that's my idea of a great barbecue. For more ways to nourish your family's health, watch all our smart tip, right here.