How to Make Rhubarb Even Better for You

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Hi, Dr. Miller here with a smart tip to make a seasonal food more nutritious. I'm talking about Rhubarb. These colorful red stocks are rich in 40 different kinds of disease fighting antioxidants, and their antioxidant capacity actually increases if you bake or stew this vegetable. In a recent study baking fresh Rhubarb for 20 minutes or slowly stewing the stuff for 30 minutes over low heat did more to increase its antioxidant capacity than blanching or quickly stewing did.

That's good news for Rhubarb lovers because baking and stewing are common methods for prepping this member of the buckwheat family. Even better the polyphenol antioxidant's of Rhubarb are thought to inhibit a host of diseases from diabetes to cancer to heart disease. It's not entirely clear why these cooking methods make Rhubarb even more nutritious, but the researchers know that although nutrients are both released and broken down during cooking, the nutrient breakdown likely happens less with low cooking method such as baking, and Rhubarb is not the only tree that benefits from special prep.

Carrots and Broccoli are most nutritious stemmed or blanched. For more simple ways to nourish your health watch and share all of our smart tips right here.