3 Best Breakfast Ingredients

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I'm Dr. Michael Roizen. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast, and that's not just a cup of coffee, but more is a fantastic habit. It helps keep you thinner, and improves your mental focus, and these three breakfast goodies keep your heart pumping well. Start with a glass of OJ, or a juicy piece of citrus in the morning.

Two compounds in citrus, I can't even pronounce them, power up your body's defences. They also cool inflammation, which keeps dangerous plaque out of your arteries. Next is fat, the heart healthy kind, you know, in the peanut butter and whole wheat toast, or a handful of walnuts. Just six walnuts halves in oatmeal, or in the avocado on the breakfast taco.

Eating a little healthy that in the morning programs your body all day and third, ground flax seed. In one study, three table spoons of these a day cuts men's lousy LDO cholesterol by up to 20 percent in just three months, and may help reduce your blood pressure too. Grind it into cereal, add it to low fat yogurt or blend it into you morning smoothy, you can even add it to coffee.

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