Losing Weight and Feeling Better Than Ever

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In my mind I wanted to lose 90 pounds, I thought that would be great. Then reality hit, I was able to loose 60 pounds, actually, fairly easily, fairly quickly, I think, in about eight, nine months. And then a couple of things tend to happen when you do this, one is that your body finally just says, OK, I think I'm at the point I'm comfortable being at and the other is, it's hard to keep up the momentum of doing this and so I seem to have found like this was a good place for me to be and this is where I've been and my doctor, actually, you know, you have to have blood tests regularly and my A1C levels came down into normal and so she was like, if you lose another 10, maybe 20 pounds I'd be really happy, if you don't, I'm still going to be happy, which was probably not a good thing to say to me, but basically, I sought of plateaued and I still intend to lose another 10, 20 pounds but I feel like that's what all normal people want to do and so it's fine, it's fine if I do, that's great, if I don't, it's okay. I'm still a little overweight but I'm not obese anymore and that's made all the difference.