What Is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

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Now I know the question is on your mind out there? What in a world is gastric bypass surgery? Well what I'm going to try and do is break it down so you can understand what's going on and then you'll be in a position to make a better informed decision. First, there is the stomach, and the stomach is a huge organ.

Our first job of gastric bypass surgery is to reduce the size of the stomach where your food is going to go, so we take about five to 10% of your stomach and we turn it into a small porch, in other words, we take five to ten percent of your stomach and we revert connected and everything else, never sees foot again, that's number one.

So what have we done, when we've do that? We actual need to your stomach smaller, so you can eat as much and when you do eat and if you over eat, you're going to feel full, you want to listen to your body, and you're not going to we eat quite as much, and overtime what happens is that you loose weight, but that's not all of the story, there's more.

The next thing we have to do is you have to understand that the small intestine actually is responsible for absorbing all these nutrients that you eat. So what we want to do is to decrease the number of nutrients or the amount of nutrients that are actually absorbed into your blood stream.

So how do we do that? Well we have to bypass the normal route of intestines. In other words, we have to take some of your intestines out of the loop. In other words, the food never sees that part of the intestine. So there's something called the jejunum and the ilium, and we actually go down and these are part of your small intestines and we divide that.

A certain distance away from your stomach, and once we divide it meaning we can bring up the loop here, and connect it to your new stomach. So now when you eat food that goes into your new stomach, the small pouch, it goes into the shortened intestinal tract, and guess what? You can't eat as much and you can't absorb as much and then you start loosing weight.

So this is how we technically go about doing this in once we've finished, we're happen to now reconnect the intestines further down so that everything flows thoroughly. So we don't take anything out of your body we leave you with what God gave you, but then we have a new path way for your food that's shorter.