What Are the Risks of Gastric Bypass (Weight Loss) Surgery?

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Okay, you decide that you think the guest of by pass surgery is the thing for you. You have first ask yourself this question, what are the risks involved? In having this procedures, this procedure forgive me. So, what are the risks? Well, here they are. You have to pick in terms of two types of risk,.

Short term risks that happens in the immediate post up the pilling and that can be from day one to two weeks, and long term risk. That can go out for many years. Let's take a short time risk first. Well, the number one thing that will scare me to death and when I had my surgery I was worried about, was the first 24 hours and whether or not the new connections that the doctor put together with a leak.

And that's the thing we worry about because a leak can really kill you if you don't jump on top. So I worry about a leak. The other thing I worry about and that's a little poved out is that the new connection can shrink down or actually that you can develop something called strictures.

In other words the opening between new connections get smaller. So we look at that. Now that happens with [xx] will be a little bit later. Now, the next thing that can happen is you can get an ulcer, and an ulcer can bleed. And this ulcer usually resides in your new stomach, where the connection between the new stomach and the small intestines reside.

Now, you have got to think about the long term of complications or risk factors, and the one that everybody overlooks is the fact that you have to take your vitamins. Once you have a certain part of your intestines bypassed, you don't get important vitamins like B12, folate etc that means you have to take them.

Like your mother said, take your vitamins and you definitely have to do that the rest of your life. Now, you can miss them sometimes, I miss them sometimes, but therefore, that doesn't mean you can let it go. Now the next long term risk and the one that we always are concerned about is whether or not you would have weight gain.

Weight gain or weight regain is one of those long term risk you can actually lose your investment. You know you put your life on the line, in consideration of a surgical procedure, and then you gain the weight back but that takes care of both the short term and long term risk.