How Will My Eating Change If I Get Lap Band Surgery?

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We're talking about whether weight loss surgery is a safe and effective option if you're not obese and joining me Jacky and Robbin who are living with Lap Band. They are going to offer their first hand account about what life is like after you've had surgery, so Jacky had surgery six months ago and she's already lost 50 pounds.

Thank you. There is a lot of weight. Thank you. [xx] How was relationship with [xx] before you had the surgery? Yeah before I was definitely a bottomless pit. I could eat mass amounts of food in one sitting, but now it's rely just about portion control, small amounts, eating slowly, so now in the course of the day, I eat what I used to eat in just one sitting before.

Alright. Robin had surgery almost six years ago. She has lost. Get this, 180 pounds. I've got a big difference, I'm feeling better now. So what does it feel like to maintain weight loss for six years without failing? It's like an up and down battle, unfortunately the lap band didn't like magic cure, take that all the way from me.

There're time I go up may be 15, 20 pounds and then I work my way back down to where I want to be comfortably. Now did you have to just pick one thing? One thing that you were not prepared for, that the lap band forced you to cope with. What would it be? The amount effort that it took to lose the weight and to maintain a healthy weight.

So we're going to exercise today, we will try to explain exactly what life is like to have lap band surgery, both agreed to share with us your diet plan, so every single day typically what you eat, we go back and forth here. So who wants to go [xx] Jack can we start with you. Sure!I want you to show us what you use to eat and then I would love to understand what are you eating today.

Absolutely, lunch typically pasta, chicken, fish, something to that effect, dinner, I would love Mexican food, so I could definitely polish that off easy, a snack right there, a bag of chips like I could before eat that in one sitting sad to say but it's the truth. So, you have surgery.

And is this your new life? This is my new life, right here. So, typically this is, this probably equates to excuse me about half of a container one of those little ones of yoghurt about five spoon full for dinner or lunch I can have about a cup of soup, if there is something in the soup like chicken soup, it's a little bit harder to get down so maybe not so much, a snack a couple of spoon for the pudding, but this satisfies me I'm full when I eat the this instead of that.

I'm flabbergasted, how can this fill you? This is a snack, the whole thing is one snack for me. I told you I can eat in one day what I eat one meal before, it's really for chilly you do feel full after this. If you ate twice that, if you ate [xx] here, what will happen to you? You will, if you do take one or two bites to many hate to say this, you will vomit, it will come backup so.