What Is an Insulin Pump, and How Do I Know If I Need One?

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[MUSIC] an insulin pump constantly infuses a small amount of insulin, there're different kinds, there's that kind that looks a little bit like beeper and sits on your belt and has a little tube that constantly infuses through a little needle that sits in your skin. Tiny amounts of insulin at all times and then whenever you eat, you hit a button and it gives you a bonus of insulin to account for that meal as your blood sugar is expected to rise there's different kind of insulin pump that sits directly on your skin, contains the insulin itself it is comfortable to reach but inject it doesn't suck out it puts insulin in.

I like to prescribe the insulin pump to people who've type 1 diabetes, I'd like to prescribe it to certain women who've have diabetes of pregnancy, generally it's a very involved treatment, you've to require insulin as your treatment you have to be very involved in their treatment.

It gives very good results if you know how to use it properly. Only a small minority of patients with type 2 Diabetes, in my opinion are candidates for an insulin pump. I think that we can do a lot of good with oral medications or with other treatments before we get to that point.