What Are the Best Foods to Eat to Help Stabilize My Blood Sugar?

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[MUSIC] the best food actually is water, because it fills you up, it keeps you hydrated, it clears out all the toxins, so that's the best thing that you can do. The other thing is leafy vegetables, colored vegetables, those usually don't contain a lot of carbs, and they are very good for you to have, full of nutrients.

So that's another good choice, then things become more interesting, if your primary goal is not to increase your blood sugars, then you can eat anything that doesn't contain carbs, right? You can eat bacon, bacon is not going to increase your blood sugar, but it may increase your weight because it's full of fat so at that point it makes sense to sit down with a nutritionist and develop a plan and think about what this what fits into your life, it's not about what you can't do it's about what you can do and what you want to do.